SUMMARY: printcap for Laserwrite Select 360

From: Steve Young (
Date: Wed Mar 30 1994 - 14:50:48 CST

        I would like to thank those of you that replied so quickly, but
as it turned out I seemed to run into a problem with the serial connection
on the Sparc2. Once I tried the printer on an IPC it worked fine, using the
standard Laser Writer printcap entry, with the printer set to 19200,8,n,1,-
At this point the printer works and which is all I was looking for.

Even though it would be nice if there weren't so many strange things with
Sun's serial ports. If any one is interested in the exact settings of the
printer and the printcap entry please send me e-mail.



The following is a copy of my original post:
> I have recently purchased a laser writer select 360, with
> the intention to connect it to a sun running sunos 4.1.3. I have
> tried a number of the communications settings and a few printcap
> variations, with no avail.

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