SUMMARY: WABI Crashing with Floppy Eject

From: David Burwell 7929 (
Date: Wed Mar 30 1994 - 11:30:22 CST

  Original problem:
  Install WABI on an SS10 with Solaris 2.3. I try to install a Windows
software package, and when it is dome installing the 1st disk, I have
to press the META E keys to eject the floppy. When I do, the WABI session
crashs, then Openwindows crashs, then I get logged out of the system.
  My setup was SS2 w/ SunOS 4.1.3 as a HOME directory server running NIS.
An SS10 running Solaris 2.3 and WABI 1.0, no patches at all. My original
user accout was on the NIS master. There were no local accounts on the

Thank you to all that replied. There appears to be 2 problems:

1) My HOME directory was on the server that was exporting it to the SS10
   that I was trying to run WABI on. There were a number of replies that
   basicly said "I'm running without a problem on the same setup", but
   the common thead was there HOME dirs were local, not remote. I installed
   a test user account locally to the SS10. I still got error messages from
   WABI, "Device /dev/fd0c not ready" after the 1st or 3rd floppy, but it
   was now different.

2) The volume manager needed to have a stake driven through its heart. It
   was suggested by a number of people that I could disable the vol. mgt.
   by running "/etc/init.d/volmgt stop". This alomost works. Instead of
   WABI crashing and taking down OpenWin after the first floppy, only WABI
   would crash after the 3rd floppy. Neat trick. Always the 3rd floppy. I
   tried 3 different programs (Excel, Word 2.0 & Windows 3.1), they all
   caused WABI to crash after the 3rd floppy. Eric Stone from Fusion Sytems
   called and said to comment out the lines in the /etc/rc2.d/K92volmgt
   & /etc/rc2.d/S92volmgt files that started volmgt. There are 4 lines in
   each, right after the "start". Then reboot the system. This seems to
   be the final nail in volmgt coffin.

Thanks to: (Markus Auferkorte)
frank@babss.COM (Frank Piscitello) (Peter Watkins) <- Supplied me with details of his setup. (Andy Feldt) (Cecil Pang) <- Also details.
Bob Witmer <>

PS- I'm not sure why I bothered, gawd this is slow.

PSS- It appears that Sun Support is unaware of this problem. I still have an
open trouble report on this. The guy says he'll call back "right away".
Acually, he said he would call me "tommorrow morning" (a week ago) after
he talked to the "engineers". I guess this will be my second trouble call
to Sun that will be open for 12 months, then they will call back and tell
me they still don't have a handle on it. Why do I pay for support when they
can't seem to answer the tough ones?

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