SUMMARY: Dead SUN-CD-Drive ... ?

From: Jochen Bern (bern@kleopatra.Uni-Trier.DE)
Date: Mon Mar 28 1994 - 12:24:31 CST

Stupid me wrote:
> 15 Minutes ago, I came back into my Office just to watch the Screen
> light up to spit out some panic Code "iinactive" and reboot.
> I found that the CD had not been mounted,
[after the Reboot]
> and when trying to mount it, I got
> mount: /dev/sr0 on /usr/local/answerbook3/cd: No such device or address
> Together with the Console barfing
> sr0: failed to handle Unit Att.
> Well, to me it seems as if my CD has fallen over dead and kicked the Kernel
> over in doing so. Powercycling doesn't bring it back to Life.
> It's a SS2 Clone, a SUN CD-ROM Drive, all hooked to a UPS, running under
> 4.1.2. The SCSI Chain is full, and I've kept the Answerbook CD mounted
> all the Time. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Sound like some serious Error, right? Wrong. It's just that *poor* Housing
SUN built around the Drive which allows the CD to be *dirty beyond Reada-
bility* after two or three Months of *very* light Use. When Joe gave me the
Hint, I wiped the CD and Caddy and everything was fine again. ARGH. I'll try
to find some Cleaning Kit and then I'll tape that Thing tight. Hmmm ...
I just see that my QIC-150 isn't *that* airtight either ...

Thanks to: (Ran-Chi Huang)
        Joe Konczal <>
and to all which will drop in after I send this Summary.
                                                                        J. Bern

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