SUMMARY: Can't get tip to work on Solaris 2.3. Only 'hardwire' entry in /etc/remote works

From: Attila Nemeth (
Date: Mon Mar 28 1994 - 02:24:16 CST

First, many thanks to all who responded. As always there are a whole bunch of people
on this mailing list that really know what they are talking about.

The solution to get tip working with a USRobotics Courier V.32 bis is

1. to turn on verbal mode. This is accomplished by giving the Hayes command ATV1
2. to get the modem return only basic result code. The command is ATX0

Many of the high speed modems return result code that are very
informative, in the case of tip, too informative :-), i.e. the result code
when the link is established is something like:
CONNECT 9600/ ARQ ......

tip expects only the CONNECT part of the result code. In order to remove
uneccessary information in the result code one have to set the modem in basic
result code set. Again, this is achieved by giving ATX0

Many thanks to:

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