SUMMARY:What program to install for supporting Postcript ?

From: Goh Ok-Hee (
Date: Sun Mar 27 1994 - 19:03:28 CST

I'm sorry for late summary. Thanks to all who replyed.
My original question is :

> Our system is Sun4/330, and Os is 4.1.1.
> We connect Lazer printer embedding postscripter to Sun4/330 system.
> Which program is needed to the system for supporting postscript?


If all you want is to print postscript files to your postscript laser
printer, you don't need any special program. The postscript files is
just a text file (you can vi and look at them) with postscript language,
the postscript laser printer will do all the translations.

A neat little utility which we use on our systems is call 'pstext'.
It not only print postscript to your printer, but also converts
TEXT files to postscript. This is helpful because it allows you
to change the fonts, print landscape, etc. You could obtain a version
via anonymous FTP from: in /pub1/PostScript
or in /pub/postscript


  You need purchase NeWSprint or Transcript, or with a little work you
  can use the public domain programs pstext, a2ps, groff and ghostscript,
  plus there is Sun's mp in /usr/openwin/bin.

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