SUMMARY: 'du' Crashing System (repost)

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Fri Mar 25 1994 - 10:07:18 CST

Earlier, I wrote:

>I posted the following message to the list 2 weeks ago today, and have
>never seen it come out. Even with all the inappropriate postings
>asking for CD-ROM players and such, it seems that it would have
>appeared by now, so here it is again:
>>From tkevans Mon Mar 7 09:50:55 1994
>Subject: 'du' Crashing System
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>Date: Mon, 7 Mar 1994 09:50:55 -0500 (EST)
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>A Sparc 10 clone (Axil), running 4.1.3, is crashing when users use
>the 'du' command on a particular filesystem. Messages are below.
>I've noted some SCSI reset and timeout errors on the same device
>on which the filesystem resides. Can anyone provide pointers on what
>to check? Thanks.
>BAD TRAP: cpu=0 type=1 rp=f068adac addr=0 mmu_fsr=364 rw=3
>MMU sfsr=364: Invalid Address on supv instr fetch at level 3
>regs at f068adac:
> psr=414000c1 pc=0 npc=4
> y: 0 g1: 0 g2: 6d g3: ffffff00
> g4: 0 g5: f068b000 g6: 0 g7: 0
> o0: 0 o1: 0 o2: 410000c4 o3: f0039a78
> o4: f0152f78 o5: 40 sp: f068adf8 ra: 80
>pid 6017, `du': Text fault
>kernel read fault at addr=0x0, pme=0x0
>MMU sfsr=364: Invalid Address on supv instr fetch at level 3
>rp=0xf068adac, pc=0x0, sp=0xf068adf8, psr=0x414000c1, context=0xb4
>g1-g7: 0, 6d, ffffff00, 0, f068b000, 0, 0
>Begin traceback... sp = f068adf8
>Called from f01534bc, fp=f068ae60, args=f068b780 f068afe8 ffffffff c6 5 2
>Called from f0152f70, fp=f068aec0, args=f068afe0 ba f01cab70 8 f068b788 f068afec
>Called from f0005bb4, fp=f068af58, args=f068b000 f068afb4 f068afe0 f068b000 f068b000 f068afb4
>Called from 6ffd3558, fp=effff1f8, args=ba 9851 5 0 6ffe9f4c 28
>End traceback...
>panic on cpu 0: Text fault
>syncing file systems... done
>01372 low-memory static kernel pages
>01684 additional static and sysmap kernel pages
>00000 dynamic kernel data pages
>00544 additional user structure pages
>00000 segmap kernel pages
>00000 segvn kernel pages
>00392 current user process pages
>00284 user stack pages
>04276 total pages (1069 chunks)
>dumping to vp fb03565c, offset 228128
Thanks to:

Claus Assmann <>
cso2!c10!derek (Derek Andow) (Dances on keyboards)

Everyone suggested running fsck on the filesystem (after unmounting
it). I did so, and though no errors were reported, the problem could
not be recreated afterward.

Claus sent a shell script for checking coredumps. Assuming he okay's
my doing so, I'll provide copies to anyone who asks.

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