SUMMARY: Ethernet hardware address

Date: Thu Mar 31 1994 - 02:10:09 CST

Thanks to everyone to deluged my mailbox with replies! I ended up with a huge
number of responses, most of which fell into 4 categories. These were:

(1) Use 'uerf -R -r 300 | more'
    This is probably the most obvious solution, but doesn't work on machines
    where the reboot information has "fallen off" the end of the syserr file.
    Some of our machines are in this situation.

(2) Use arp -a
    This was a good 'un. What it does is (ref: manual) "DIsplays current
    Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) entries from the specified name list ...".
    Only works if machine has recently pinged (easily fixed).

(3) Get "sysinfo" from an ftp site.
    Does anyone have this? I can't get outside Ford Motor Co. using ftp! The
    reason I was looking for a way to get the ethernet address was to write a
    shell script to dump out machine information (ie. hostname, IP address, OS,
    OS version, software/host ID and ethernet card(s) address(es). The script
    has to work on DECs, HPs, Suns and IBMs. I'll post it when it's finished
    if anyone wants to see it.

(4) Use 'pfstat -p'
    This command prints packet filter status information. With the -p option
    it displays device parameters, one of which is the interface address. Also
    still works when machine if configured as a gateway and has more than one
    ethernet card (as does using uerf).

(5) "Use this program ..."
    A special thanks to all those who sent me a C program to do the trick. I
    tried most of them out, and the ones I tried all worked very well.

A big thanks to the following: (Menelaos Karamichalis)
 Dave Sill <> (Woody Lee) (Justin Chandler)
 Johannes Grosen <> (David Rees)
 Leo Mayerhofer <>
 Rich Scheller <> (Paul Cammuso)
 Marc Wiener <>
 David Warren <> (Stan Huhman)



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