SUMMARY: Sparc 10 mod 51 and Seagate Barracuda problem

From: Dan Lorenzini (
Date: Wed Mar 23 1994 - 15:24:16 CST


I got several responses to my query and although I have not had time to
obtain the patches yet, I am sending out this summary so as to inform
others who may be in the same situation as quicky as possible.

The consensus seems to be that patches 100726-12 (or higher) and
101408-01 are required to fix a known problem with the 51 hanging due
to heavy I/O. I will try this as soon as possible and let the list
know if there are still problems with the configuration.

I thank the following people (and any others whose messages may arrive
after I send this): (Greg Gilley) (Syed Zaeem Hosain) (Einar Indridason) (Steve Lee)
        Tim Griffin - Sys Admin <>
        Jeffrey Kaiserman - Capreq Dev <>

My original message:

> I am having a problem with the following configuration:
> Sparcstation 10 Model 51
> SunOS 4.1.3 (not _U1) with patches:
> 100173-10 NFS Jumbo Patch
> 100075-09 rpc.lockd jumbo patch
> 100359-06 streams jumbo patch
> 100726-05 jumbo patch for kernel performance and memory bugs
> 64 MB RAM
> Internal drive: 1GB - Seagate ST11200N
> External drives: 8x2.4GB - Seagate ST12550N (Barracuda)
> on 2 Sun FSBE/S Sbus SCSI cards (4 on each card)
> The problem is that during heavy disk I/O the entire machine will lock
> up completely; L1-A will not work so the only recourse is to power cycle
> the machine. This problem does not occur with the SS10 Model 41. We
> have several such configurations in production without ever experiencing
> the model 51 problem. The model 41 configurations are exactly the same
> as the 51's except for CPU model.
> My question: is anyone out there aware of an incompatibility between
> the Model 51 with FSBE/S and the Seagate Barracuda? If so, is there a
> solution or work-around? Thanks.

Hats off to sun-managers, as usual.

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