SUMMARY: rsh problems

From: Chris \ (
Date: Mon Mar 21 1994 - 13:04:41 CST

I would like to thank the two people who responded to my original
question, the first of whom I do not remember because I accidentally
(ie without thinking) deleted the message after reading it, and Mike
Raffety (

The problem was with the message "Where are you?" appearing when rsh was
accompanied by another command, but working fine elsewise; the message
not appearing if another command was not passed as a parameter.

The solution was simply the statement "biff y" in my .cshrc instead of
.login. Also: you may note (hopefully) that responding to my mail will
now actually send mail to me. Without knowing it, I sent mail off a
system that had a known problem with sendmail. A newbee sysadmin's job
is never done ...

Christopher W. Curtis (
Florida Institute of Technology (
Melbourne, FL

"Always the odd parity..."

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