SUMMARY: rpc.lockd: Cannot contact status monitor?

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Date: Mon Mar 21 1994 - 11:42:21 CST

Original post:

   Just recently, my SunOS4.1.2 machine started generated the
   following message on console:

   rpc.lockd: Cannot contact status monitor!

   A ps indicates that both rpc.lockd and rpc.statd are up
   and running. Any hints about how to diagnose and fix
   this problem would be greatly appreciated. The message
   is generated every 15 minutes or so.

The solution:

        It turns out that I had recently changed my host
name and that I run 'securelib'. As a result, securelib started
blocking all rpc services on my machine. A simple change to the
securelib configuration file fixed the problem. The following
suggestions may be helpful for other situations where rpc.lockd

Other Suggestions:

   First call sun about the lockd patch 100075-11. Second I have had
really bad experiences with this. I would suggest that you go into the
/etc/sm and /etc/sm.bak directories and remove all files in there. The
listed machines in those directories are machines that have reason to
lock files via the lockd/statd mechanism. This will basicly tell the
machine to forget any locked files related to your local machine and
remote machines. The files in /etc/sm*/ will be other machine names. Go
to those macines and remove any files in /etc/sm*/ that relate to your
troubled machine that can not contact the status monitor. Then restart
lockd and statd on all related machines. This is a real hack but it
was the only way I could get those messages to go away. Oh ya make
sure statd was running in the first place anyway.


cd /etc/sm.bak on the machine reporting the problem, rm all the files
there and then kill and restart the rpc.statd.


         The error message tells us that rpc.lockd cannot
                     communicate with rpc.statd, the status monitor. The
                     rpc.lockd daemon needs the rpc.statd daemon for monitor

                     To solve:

                     1. Check to see if both rpc.statd and rpc.lock are running.
                        Issue the command "ps -aux | grep rpc" to view the rpc
                        processes that are running.

         vanda% ps -aux | grep rpc
          root 119 0.0 0.0 56 0 ? IW Mar 4 0:00 rpc.mountd -n
         root 127 0.0 0.0 52 0 ? IW Mar 4 0:00 rpc.bootparamd
          root 129 0.0 0.0 52 0 ? IW Mar 4 0:00 rpc.statd
         root 135 0.0 0.0 84 0 ? IW Mar 4 0:00 rpc.lockd

                     2. If both processes are running, check the network
                        connection by issuing the command:

                        ifconfig -a

                     The output should look something like this:

         inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast
         lo0: flags=49<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING>
         inet netmask ff000000

                     If the output is different, check the /etc/hosts and
                     /etc/hostname.le0 entries. Reboot the machine after
 making any changes.

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uunet!!neutrino!robert (Robert on neutrino)
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