SUMMARY: Routing "dies" after boot

From: David Mostardi (
Date: Tue Mar 22 1994 - 20:29:33 CST


In three words: turn off routed.

In more detail: most colleagues pointed me to either routed
or my subnet mask. Hal Stern thought this looked like cmtgate
receiving bogus RIP packets. I turned off routed and added
this line to rc.local:

    /usr/etc/route add default `cat /etc/defaultrouter` 1

and everything's peachy. This problem is likely the aftermath
of the crufty way netmasks were originally used here. I think
I've finally rooted out all the cruft.

As one colleague pointed out, 4.1.1_U1 does "know" about the
/etc/defaultrouter convention, but I have used it anyway
to mimic my other Suns running 4.1.3.

Thanks to:
"Derrick J. Brashear" <>
chris@New.Paramax.COM (Chris Hines) (Russ Poffenberger)
stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer)
Tom Conroy <trc@Synopsys.COM>


I have a Sun 3/50 called "cmtgate" running 4.1.1_U1.
Very strange routing problems occur when I reboot cmtgate
(which is on a subnet all by itself):

A. Reboot "cmtgate".
B. [the "/etc/defaultrouter" file says "blazer"]
C. Immediately after boot, I login and say "netstat -r":
        default blazer cmtgate blazer blazer
         ... [several more lines, one for each of my subnets]

D. I say "ping blazer" and the response is "blazer is alive"
E. I wait two minutes
F. I say "ping blazer" and the response is "sendto: host is unreachable"
G. I say "netstat -r"; this hangs forever.
H. I become root and enter "route add default blazer 1"
I. Immediately after H, I say "ping blazer" and the reply is "blazer is alive"
J. I say "netstat -r" and the complete output is:

        localhost localhost
        default blazer cmtgate

My questions:

1. Why do C and D work initially, then fail after a few minutes?
2. Why is H necessary if I have an /etc/defaultrouter file?
3. Why does C say "" while J says "localhost"?
4. Why is C so long and J so short?

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