SUMMARY: remote lp access in Solaris2.3

From: Robert Kline (
Date: Tue Mar 22 1994 - 14:05:55 CST

The question I posed was how to get remote print access from a Solaris 2.3
client to a DEC3100 print server. The print server's name is "bones" and
the printer's name on bones is "lab". I had unsuccessfully tried to add it
using the admintool.

I had set up the printer (correctly) to be of type bsd, but it still
didn't work.

A number of people responded. Zdzislaw Meglicki suggested that I delete
the printer and reinstall it. This was a good suggestion, but the critical
point was that the client's name and IP address be put into my /etc/hosts file.
Dave Haut suggested this idea since the lp scheduler apparently has a problem
reading the NIS hosts map.

With the entry in my /etc/hosts file the printer installation went through
just fine and worked! I got some help from SUN on my maintenance contract
and got the following tip for how to "reset" the lp scheduler when the printer
was already installed:

        cd /var/spool/lp
        rm -r requests/*
        rm -r tmp/*

It still all seems strange to me! Thanks to all respondents:

Zdzislaw Meglicki (
Ted Whitely (
Marisa Pfalzgraf (
Peter Watkins (
Jason Patterson (
John Malick (
David Haut (
?? (

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