Re: SUMMARY: Programming the function keys. NOBODY knows the answer?!

From: Ben White (
Date: Fri Mar 18 1994 - 11:14:29 CST

To Jim:

I was unable to reach you via e-mail, so I'm posting a response.
(Your article originally appeared in this newsgroup).
Hope you get this!

> Yes, I would appreciate a little more info, such as an example or what
> man page I can look at. I haven't found anything yet.

The man page for shelltool says:
 A sample .ttyswrc file can be found in /usr/lib/ttyswrc.
     The command format for this file is:

          # Comment.
          set variable Turn on the specified variable.
          mapi key text When key is typed pretend text was
          mapo key text When key is typed pretend text was

> Thanks for your response. This seems to be a very quiet newsgroup.

I'll say! Most of the groups I read have four or five responses to
the simple questions, and flame wars over the controversial ones.

Hope this helps. Feel free to post if you think it's of general


Ben White
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