SUMMARY: Need a modem with security

From: Ralph C. Wolman (
Date: Sat Mar 19 1994 - 07:55:06 CST

---------------- ORIGINAL REQUEST --------------------------------
I'm looking for a modem that has password security for
dial-in to a SunOS 4.1.3 machine. I need one that is
reasonably priced and runs 14.4kbps.

----------------- SUMMARY ----------------------------------------
In general, most people recommended the Telebit 3000
series of modems (some believe it may have been replaced
by the WorldBlazer series). These modems appear to go
for around $500 to $650.

Other recommendations came in for:
* Microcom's DeskPorte FAST modem at around $450 (via an Aurora board)
* MultiTech MT1432BG, DEM 1470 plus VAT (no price given)
* Motorola Codex 3265FAST (no price given "costs a bundle")
* AT&T Paradyne COMSPHERE 3810 (not reasonably priced at $1,500)

Still another recommendation came in for dial back software
that runs one or more modems from a Sun. The software is
available at:

dmodem-1.4.tar.gz is software for controlling multiple modems (e.g.
                   one slow dial-in modem, multiple fast dial-back modems).
                   It also has tighter security control by limiting
                   modem access to as few people as you want.

sgetty.c.gz controls a single modem - dialin and dialback occurs on
                   the same modem. This is the predecessor of dmodem.

Thanks to the following people for their responses:

Fazeel Mufti <>
Mike Nappi <>
Atangan <>
Markus Buchhorn <>
Mark Thomas <>
Jochen Bern <>
Roger H. Kou <>
Justin Keery <>
Shankar Ishwar <>
Michael (M.A.) Meystel <>
Carlos Estrada <>

Ralph Wolman
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