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Date: Fri Mar 25 1994 - 08:55:24 CST

I have tried posting this a couple times already, but haven't seen it yet,
so once again:

 My original message was:

> Help!
> I've created a problem for myself. I have a SPARCclassic running Solaris
> 2.2 with an additional Sbus Ethernet interface. I tried to change the IP
> address on th Sbus board using ifconfig. Now both le0 and le1 show up at
> the same Ethernet address, but have different IP addresses. My question is:
> How can I get the Ethernet address (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx) of the Sbus board?
> I don't have (or can't find) any documentation which specifies the address
> or how to get it.

All who responded had the same basic answer. There is no separate Ethernet
address. The address is obtained from the ID PROM, not the Ethernet board.
A couple responses hinted that the problem was that both boards could not
be on the same subnet. This was exactly my problem. Everything worked fine
once I set up the netmasks correctly.

Thanks to everyone who responded, and espescially:

Perry Hutchinson <>
Eckhard Ruggeberg <>
Cameron Humphries <>
Mike Raffety <>
Syd Weinstein <>
Juergen Rothenauger <>
Vincent Everett <>
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