SUMMARY : How to connect a TP Sun to a AUI-based network

From: Charles Bueche (
Date: Fri Mar 18 1994 - 03:25:50 CST

Hi all,

I have got lots of answers about my original post :

How to connect a SPARCSERVER 1000 (Twisted Pair) to a DEC DELNI (AUI repeater) ?
(See my original post at the end).

Here is a list of hardware you could use to solve this problem :

Allied Telesis CentreCOM Micro-repeaters
Milan Microhub LE 10BaseT Workgroup Hub
Asante 10Base T hubs
8-port 10BaseT Multiport Repeater (Sun order # GY-PD-KTHUB-8)
Lantronix LTX-C
SBE card from Sun, part number 1054A (AUI ethernet + 5Mb/s SCSI on a slot)

I have ordered two Lantronix LTX-C, since I just need one port on
the TP side. Normally, any TP hub (even multi-port) could do the job.

At this time, Sun has nothing to propose to replace Milan TP <--> AUI
converters. They are testing a new hardware, but I was not able to
get a release date or any other information (Brand, price, etc.)

Many thanks to :

Mark Becker
Heinrich Siewers
Martin Urwaleck
Michael Kamerick

From: (Charles Bueche)
Subject: SS1000 Twisted Pair to DEC DELNI (AUI) : HOW ?
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 1994 07:30:20 GMT

Hi all,

We have a SparcServer 1000 running Solaris 2.3.

It comes with a built-in Twisted Pair Ethernet port on the
processor board, and we added a SBus Fast SCSI-2/Buffered
Ethernet Card (FSBE/S) to get a second set of SCSI and TP port.

Our network is based on DEC hardware, and Sun advised us
to use Milan-Any-Twist-10BaseT/AUI converters to connect
the two TP ports to our AUI repeaters (DEC DELNI).
We buyed two of these, and everything worked gracefully.

Two weeks ago, I ordered a new FSBE/S to get a third
TP/SCSI set, along with a new Milan-Any-Twist-10BaseT/AUI
converter. Sun Express called me, and told that the Milan
converter are not longer sold, because they could generate
problems (collisions ?) on the network.

Now, I'm afraid that our two Milan already in place could
jam our net. Sun has nothing other to propose in place of
the Milan. They said they are testing a new equipment, but
it is not yet available.

Now my questions :

1. Do you have the same case (TP host linked to AUI repeater) ?

2. If yes, what HW did you use ?

3. If you use the Milan, did you notice any net problem ?

4. If yes, what kind of problem ?
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