Re: Dynamic Load Balancing - Thanks & Summary

From: Paul McNamee (
Date: Fri Mar 25 1994 - 16:08:22 CST

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all the help I got from
the net concerning my Load Balancing software query.

A brief summary for those interested:
  NQS is a public domain load balancing product ftp-able from
" in directory /pub/batch/NQS", cf archie.
  CLB is also ftp-able, try archie.

  I received lots of info about commerical products that I included
in a brief report for my project manager. If you send me a snail-mail
address I'll mail you a copy of my summary.

  Lastly, Jean Suplick ( wrote a paper
which overviews load balancing technology and products. Although
Jean is partial to LSF, several other products are featured as well.
This paper is only 3 weeks old and is the closest thing I've
found to a survey paper.

Thanks again for your expert assistance,

Paul McNamee

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