SUMMARY:IPX and LocalTalk Routing on Sun

From: Sue Wassman (
Date: Wed Mar 02 1994 - 06:21:47 CST

Sorry for the delay in posting a Summary. I haven't been
able to look into any of the products but the information
is invaluable - THANKS!


Quick and Ugly question: Is there a product that will
route IPX and LocalTalk packets on a Sun server?

Environment: Sun4/670, SunOS 4.1.3

I don't know about IPX, but I am aware of 2 packages for Ethertalk.


Sun sells Open Netware as one of the Sunlink products.

CAP 6.0 will do the applatalk stack in native ethertalk.

If you need appletalk over localtalk you will need a ether<->localtalk
gateway such as FastPath or GatorBox

I don't know. But there are hardware routers (like Cisco or a NetBlazer)
that can route IPX, AppleTalk, IP, and provide WAN facilities.

IPT and Xinet sell AppleTalk server software.

Then there is always a Novell network!?

Sun has a Novell IPX protocol software, that will also do routing I
believe, but I am not sure. Your local Sun sales rep may have more
info on this.

The CAP (public domain) software allows a Sun to talk to a Localtalk
net, but I do not know if it will route either. However, you could
place it on all your [appropriate] machines (the price is right
<grin>), so they could all talk to the Apple systems directly and not
need routing services from a separate machine or other box.

Sue, there is not one package that I know of. For AppleTalk there is
     cap and netatalk in the public domain, and ipt and others have
     stuff you can pay for. As far as IPX goes probably only the
     IPX stuff from Sun will suffice -- or you could go to Univel
     when/if it comes out for the Sun.

I don't know about the IPX part, but I know three ways of doing the LocalTalk
    1) Get the CAP (Cornell AppleTalk Protocol) set of utilities from the net.
       Price is right, it seems to work well, and you can do most everything
       you want. We use it here for SUN <-> Mac networking.

    2) Get from Sun (or at least it used to be Sun) the Sun Tops for Sun
       software. I have used it too. More expensive and you don't get
       source code.

    3) Go to a company called IPT and get their UShare package. Good if
       you need LocalTalk HW ( $700 for an SBus LocalTalk card).


Thanks to all who responded!

Sue Wassman
RR Donnelley & Sons
Lisle, IL

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