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Date: Thu Mar 10 1994 - 13:37:34 CST

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> I received only three responses to this posting: one me too, one pointer
> to xwebster, and a suggestion to look at the Oxford English Dictionary
> on CD. I pursued the CD option a bit further and discovered there are
> several dictionaries out there - if you are in a DOS or Mac environment.
> I was unable to find anything specifically for the Unix environment.

You can use ``Electronic Book'' CDs (there are 300+ titles available
in this format, e.g. Compton's Concise Encycolpedia, The Concise
Oxford Dictionary and Oxford Thesaurus, The Merriam Webster Dictionary
of English Usage, ...) in the Unix environment using our PaperOut
retrieval software (available for SunOS, Nextstep, Windows 3.1, Apple
Macintosh and Acorn Archimedes). For more information about PaperOut,
email to

Juergen Keil ...!{uunet,mcsun}!unido!tools!jk

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