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Date: Wed Mar 09 1994 - 11:19:19 CST


> I'm *so* frustrated with 'tip'; are there any alternatives?
> * terse error messages documented nowhere
> * a disconnect command that 'disconnects' me all the way
> back to my login window, leaping gazelle-like past
> any telnet/rlogin sessions inbetween
> OK, so, tip is telling me "link down". Well, my link isn't "down",
> the last unsuccessful tip session has mucked something up.


Why tip is saying "link down":

  The port is confused about xon/xoff. Other programs won't be
  able to use this port either. Add ":nt" to the /etc/remote
  listing for the port.

Why "~." exits tip *and* rlogin

  Because "~." is also the escape sequence for rlogin. Try "~~."
  or "~~^D". Alternatively, launch rlogin with "rlogin -e# foo"
  to change the escape character from "." to "#".

Alternative programs to tip:

  C-Kermit (
  pcomm (no source given)
  cu "
  ecu "
  seyon "

Thanks to:
Richard Hubbell <> (Tom Rushworth) (Kevin E Cosgrove)
Daniel Pollack <>
nick@Axil.COM (Nick Burke) (Jack Morrison)

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