SUMMARY: sparc<->mac files

From: Philip Brown (
Date: Sun Feb 27 1994 - 00:39:34 CST

I previously requested something to read/write mac floppies from a sparc.
I was having problems copying to PCFS floppy, and unarchiving stuff on a

However, I just discovered that the PC extention stuff on my local mac
has a control panel. It lets you specify the type of document based on PC
3-letter extension. So Now I have *.sit automatically recognised as
stuffit archives, *.hqx recognised as binhex archives, etc.

Unfortunately, I can't test whether this fixes my particular problem
right now. However,I am fairly sure this will do the trick.

(Solaris 2.3 comes with fairly nice (if slow) support for pc floppies,
 and mac performa's come with a PC file exchange extension. I have no
idea about other Mac's)

Philip Brown, CIS major, UC Santa Cruz
Author of "kdrill", and "xmandel"
Winging my way out of academia soon...

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