SUMMARY: Solaris 2.3: RPC: Program not registered

From: Steve Lee (uusr809!pnw!
Date: Mon Feb 28 1994 - 19:20:11 CST

Unfortunately, I got no suggestions and only one "me too" for
this issue. Someone outside the sun-managers group suggested
that Solaris 2.3 may use NFS 3.0, which uses NFS over TCP rather
than NFS over UDP (which is what NFS 2.0 uses). However, I can't
get a confirmation on this...

If I get more info, I'll post another summary...

Steven Lee
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Subject: Solaris 2.3: RPC: Program not registered
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I get the following message on the console of integra, a Solaris 2.3 system
when I log in as a user who has a home directory on pnw, a SunOS 4.1.3
NIS Master:

pnw: RPC: Program not registered

This message is echoed everytime a running program in OpenWindows is closed
to an icon. I saw a message from Sun Managers last year discussing a similar
problem whose solution was to load the 2.3 /etc/rpc and /etc/services on
the NIS Master and then remake the maps, but that didn't help.

Any ideas on what needs to be done to get rid of this message?

Steven Lee
Senior Systems Engineer
OpenSystems, Inc.
550 Kirkland Way, Suite 100
Kirkland, WA 98033
206.803.5000 Voice
206.803.5001 FAX


SPARC2, 64MB, 2 424MB disks, Solaris 2.3
Patch: 101297-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWcsr.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=2, SUNWcsu.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=1
Patch: 101316-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWarc.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=1, SUNWcsu.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=2
Patch: 101317-03 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWlpr.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=3, SUNWlpu.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=3, SUNWscpu.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=4
Patch: 101318-13 Obsoletes: 101267-01,101326-01,101349-01 Packages: SUNWarc.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=20, SUNWcar.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=16, SUNWcsr.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=27, SUNWcsu.4 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=38, SUNWdfb.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=5
Patch: 101319-02 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWcsr.4 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=32
Patch: 101327-02 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWcsu.5 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=44
Patch: 101329-04 Obsoletes: 101315-01 Packages: SUNWarc.4 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=24, SUNWcsu.6 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=46, SUNWnisu.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=3
Patch: 101331-03 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWcsu.7 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=35
Patch: 101344-05 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWcsr.5 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=21, SUNWcsu.8 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=29
Patch: 101345-02 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWarc.5 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=9, SUNWcsu.9 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=19
Patch: 101346-03 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWcsr.6 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=22
Patch: 101347-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWcsr.7 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=10
Patch: 101371-03 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWcsu.10 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=57
Patch: 101418-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWcsu.11 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=40

SPARC2, 112MB RAM, 424MB, 2x1GB disks, SunOS 4.1.3
  100173-10 11/11/93 nfs jumbo patch
  100623-03 11/11/93 ufs jumbo patch
  100492-09 12/28/93 olwm patch
  100444-40 01/31/94 xnews server patch
  100452-47 01/31/94 XView 3.0 jumbo patch
  100462-27 01/31/94 File Manager jumbo patch
  100493-04 01/31/94 Binder jumbo patch
  100524-06 01/31/94 Classing Engine (libce) patch
  100529-01 01/31/94 Textedit patch

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