SUMMARY: Need: program to reset st (tape) error flag (SunOS 4.1.3)

From: Peter W Osel (
Date: Fri Mar 04 1994 - 14:07:59 CST

Last week I asked:

> A couple of weeks ago, someone posted a program, that resets the error
> flag in the kernel of SunOS 4.1.3 indicating write media error of a QIC
> drice (/dev/rst*). Thought I don't need it - but now I would like to
> get a copy of it. Could someone mail me a cop or a pointer to a
> location (ftp)?

Up to now I did not receive any hint. Could someone give a hint?

BTW: I'm not sure if PATCH 100581-04 solves my problem - at least I would
have to reboot to install the new kernel which I currently cannot do.


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