SUMMARY: ie1 ethernet board on 3/160?

From: Derrick J. Brashear (
Date: Tue Mar 01 1994 - 21:49:37 CST

My original message:
> Hi,
> I asked this question on comp.sys.sun.hardware several weeks ago and got
> no response, so perhaps one of you can help me...
> I have a second ethernet board (an ie1) which I recently obtained for my
> Sun 3/160. It's a Multibus ethernet board in a Multibus to VMEbus
> adapter.
> Upon installing it into the 3/160, the system recognized it as an ie1;
> However, attempting to address it, something as simple as ifconfig ie1
> down, causes the machine to panic. I get the feeling something is
> misconfigured, but I have no documentation for it, just the board. The
> kernel has support for the ie1 device; There is currently no network
> attached to the board.
> Current slot assignments are:
> 1) CPU
> 2) 4mb memory
> 3) 4mb memory
> 4) ie1 board
> 5) SCSI controller
> Moving 4 and 5 to 6 and 7 made no difference; since I have no case and
> the machine actually consists of the backplane, cards, and power supply
> sitting on a piece of plywood, I'd prefer to leave the slot assignments
> as they are. The machine has worked reliably for over 2 years, and as
> long as no one attempts to address ie1, there are still no problems.
> Can anyone give me any information as to backplane jumpering, etc, or
> any other Helpful Hints(tm)?
> -D
Several of you suggested I put the boards in the order suggested in the Field Engineers Guide, and fix my BG3 and IACK jumpers. I did this, to no avail.
A few of you suggested I check the jumpers in my adapter, and in my ethernet card, which I did, and they came out correct. Still, I was getting the panics.

A few more times I rearranged the boards and jumpers, for the heck of it, with no luck, but for some reason, I put everything back where it belonged and tried again, and, by some twist of fate, the machine is now happy! My best guess is that one of the pins in one of the VME connectors was bent slightly or not making contact, but I didn't notice this when I checked earlier... Oh well. Chalk one up to luck, or chance, or something like that...

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