SUMMARY: Dial-in/out modem off of HSI/S

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Date: Tue Mar 08 1994 - 14:44:04 CST

Well, this must have sounded like a stupid question to all of you when
you first read it. Mike Raffety <> was
the only person to respond. The HSI/S is a synchronous device. What I
was trying to do was for an async port. When I mention that I might have
to get an SPC he added:

> Do *NOT* buy the Sun SPC card! It's crap ... buy the Magma card, much
> better, in general opinion, not just my own.
Does everyone pretty much agree on this point?

Thanks Mike.

For completeness here is the original query and respondent credits:

> Hello,
> I am trying to hang a modem off of one of our HSI ports with no luck. I
> have the Black Box rs232->rs499 converter between the modem and machine
> with no luck. The port appears to be functioning, at least the hsi_loop
> test returns successfully, but I can't seem to raise DTR on the port.
> I've tried kermit but it tells me that the device is not a tty, which
> makes sense. I've yet to try cu and/or tip.
> If anyone has any experience hanging a modem off of an HSI port please
> explain to me how you did it, I will summarize for everyone else.
> System specifics:
> SPARCserver 1000
> Solaris 2.3
> HSI/S Sbus card with Sunlink HSI/S 2.0
> Black Box RS-232 to RS-449 converter P/N TM-IC456A-R2
> (This is a RS-232 <-> RS-422 in their catalog). The 449 side is
> set as DCE and the 232 as DTE.
> Straight through 422 and 232 cables.
> Device /dev/hih0
> Motorola UDS modem, 14.4
> When running hsi_loop with the external loopback option DTR does seem to
> come up on the modem, so apparently the connection is sound, I just can't
> seem to get to it any other way.
> Thanks in advance

 Mike Raffety <>

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