SUMMARY: (more) Solaris 2.3: RPC: Program not registered

From: Steve Lee (uusr809!pnw!
Date: Tue Mar 01 1994 - 22:33:44 CST

I got **LOTS** of suggestions after posting the SUMMARY...seems many of
you only read and respond to summaries :)

The answer is that on the 4.1.3 server, /etc/inetd.conf had the rquotad
line commented, and the Solaris 2.3 client was trying to talk to rquotad
on the 4.1.3 server. Once I uncommented the line and ran kill -HUP on
the inetd pid, the message went away.

I could not get the message to disappear by commenting rquotad in the
Solaris 2.3 /etc/inetd.conf file...why, I don't know.

No one had the right answer, but had the right suggestion
to check the /etc/inetd.conf file.

BTW, almost everyone said that Solaris 2.3 uses NFS over UDP, and is NFS 2.0.
My hint was incorrect...

Thanks to the following people:

Original Question:

I get the following message on the console of integra, a Solaris 2.3 system
when I log in as a user who has a home directory on pnw, a SunOS 4.1.3
NIS Master:

pnw: RPC: Program not registered

This message is echoed everytime a running program in OpenWindows is closed
to an icon. I saw a message from Sun Managers last year discussing a similar
problem whose solution was to load the 2.3 /etc/rpc and /etc/services on
the NIS Master and then remake the maps, but that didn't help.

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