SUMMARY: Sound Converters

Date: Wed Mar 02 1994 - 13:04:58 CST

Almost all respondents suggested sox. It is a PD utility that converts among
various sound formats. It is in version 7 now and runs on DOS, Unix (SysV and
BSD) and Amiga. Check with your favorite archie server to find out where to get
it (anonymous ftp). There is a "FAQ for the Internet Multicasting Service" that
John Strupp sent me. If you are interested in it, let me know and I will send
you a copy.

Someone also suggested ulaw for running on the mac. This is good because I use
a PC and Sun at work, and a mac at home, so I can use all of the tools and so
can those who I support. The original text of my question appears after the
list of helpful folk. Thank you to all.

Oleg Chaikovsky
Merisel, Inc.

Joseph McPherson <>
Charles <> (Todd Pfaff)
"John Strupp" <> **THANKS FOR THE FAQ** (Sanjiv Khurana)
Evil Pete <> (Dirk Boenning) (Detlev Habicht)
REEDWV@RCWUSR.BP.COM (Bill Reed) (Gary A White) (Bill Morrow)
Jeff Mallory <> (Alan Thew) (Andrew Scherpbier)!rkh (Bob Halloran)
Brad Burdick <>

>Hello all Sun Managers,
>We have some folks that create sounds on Macs and PCs and want to be able to
>incorporate them into front ends that run on Suns (Sparc10's). What are some
>decent PD tools to do this conversion for various sound formats (System 7, .wa
>etc). Thanks in advance. Summary will follow. >
>Oleg Chaikovsky
>Merisel, Inc.

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