SUMMARY : s/w archiver

From: David Brown - Computer Centre (
Date: Mon Feb 28 1994 - 17:16:59 CST

    all the replies I received recommended the two public domain
  tools RCS and CVS - CVS is a meat-layer over RCS, facilitating the
  management of w/w packages.

thanks to everyone
cheers dave

Marco Pineda <mcp4@edu.columbia>
ZNT@edu.psu.ecl (Sumner Hushing)
>From Tue Feb 22 21:55:17 1994
David Brown - Computer Centre <dab> (Markus Buchhorn) (Peter Samuel)
julian@au.csiro.dwt.syd (Julian Dryden) (Brett Lymn)
"Roger H. Kou" <rkou@edu.usc.hto>
Mike Raffety <>
Gal Shalif <>
grevemes (Steven Grevemeyer) <grevemes%VTC@Mil.Army.TACOM-EMH1>
jaf@com.inference (Jose A. Fernandez)
risto@com.kiva (Risto Tolonen)

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