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From: Ahmed Bentiba (
Date: Wed Mar 09 1994 - 02:26:14 CST

Hi everyone and thanks for all people who answered.
All the people who answered agree on that the "file /etc/utmp is not cleared
up properly when the user is log out"

Thanks to
Raymond Ballisti
Dave Fetrow fetrow@biostat.washi
Patrick Pawlack
Michael Lewis
Richard J. Niziack
Larry J. Miller
Robert J Wolf
Paul Cushing
Steve Klbane
John justin Hough
Shouben Zhoun
Andrew Benson
Sumner Hushing
Bill Reed
Jochen Bern
Henry Katz
Stuart Pearlman
Perry Hutchinson
Adam Fox

And to others, since I received the answers in a friend's account, and he
is on vacation now..

Original message
> Hi sun managers
> We are running SunOS 4.1.3. Sometimes a student login and logout. Then
> if I run a command "w" as root, I found the name of that student followed
> by ttyp0 and Idle:19:42... and under w command there is a dash. On the
> other hand, when I run "ps -uax", I do not find his name or any process
> related to his login session.
> Do you have any idea of what is the origin of that message?
> Ahmed Bentiba

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