SUMMARY: tcsh for Solaris 2.X

From: Kyle L. Strohm (strohm@CC.DENISON.EDU)
Date: Mon Feb 14 1994 - 14:37:07 CST

I asked:

>I'm looking for a makefile/config.h for compiling tcsh 6.01 under
>Solaris 2.2 using gcc. If anybody has these files or can make
>recommendations as to the proper modifications to the originals,
>I'd sure appreciate it. I'll summarize if there is interest.

I received many responses, several of which have been helpful. Thanks
to the following:


>A basic summary:

1. Use the latest version (6.04) which has config files for solaris 2,
    and can be found at in /pub/tcsh.

2. Use imake. e-mail me for complete generated Makefile.

3. Use gcc-2.x.x, the config.sol file for Solaris 2.X with the following
    changes to Makefile.std:

        INCLUDES=-I. -I..
        CFLAGS=-O2 $(INCLUDES) -g
        LDFLAGS= -s -Bstatic
        CC= gcc -Wall -B/bin/ # -ansi -pedantic

4. get the binary from someone who has compiled on the same version OS.
    pulizzi! has made this available to me.

Tim Evans sent the latest copy of the Solaris SW list. I've enclosed
it, as a good source of information.

Unfortunately, other fires have caused me to get pulled away from this,
so I can't give you a full summary until the above is tried. From the
responses, tcsh shouldn't be much of a problem.

Thanks Again!

Kyle Strohm
Kyle L. Strohm
Unix SysAdmin, Network Spec.
Denison University Computing Services
Granville, Ohio 43023
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Sez Kyle L. Strohm (for which I'm grateful):
>Hello all,
>I'm looking for a makefile/config.h for compiling tcsh 6.01 under
>Solaris 2.2 using gcc. If anybody has these files or can make
>recommendations as to the proper modifications to the originals,
>I'd sure appreciate it. I'll summarize if there is interest.

cannot set readonly PWD=/home/tkevans

Here is the latest copy of the Solaris SW list. Version numbers of
available SW may be somewhat out of date. I am assuming that if
version X builds, then version Y > X also builds. Furthermore,
I am assuming that if version X builds on Solaris 2.A, then it will
build on Solaris 2.B, B > A. I have seen some exceptions, and will
try to include them in this list if notified. I will redo the
header info below to reflect this better in a future posting.



Solaris SW list. Maintained by Ric Steinberger.

Last updated: 12/26/93

Solaris 2.x compatibility information. Here is an attempt to provide
some information about SW that may run under SUN's Solaris 2.x OS.
Feel free to send additional information regarding other
tools that you would like to see included. If possible, include details
as to whether that product runs under 2.x [include x]. This list is
now available via anonymous FTP from
Please send suggestions to:

Use archie or other database to find out where these tools reside.
Most of the GNU programs are on Many X11 programs
are on is a source for many
other programs. So is

Other FREE SW and DOCS is available via anon FTP from
Files are also available via EMAIL: Send a message to
"help" should be in the subject line.
Hooray for The Great White North!

Additional Solaris SW sites include: [sample drivers, API
documents, white papers].

I will usually only list a site if a "customized" 2.x-compatible version or
patches exist there. [I would prefer not to get in the business of
listing distribution sites, as they tend to be very volatile entities.]

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, "builds" means compiles using SUN-supplied
compilers. Many utilities/programs compile with gcc or Sun C.

IMPORTANT: If you have built a tool/utility listed here and you needed to
apply one or more patches, PLEASE contact the code's author so that
he/she may examine you efforts and incorporate them into the next release.
This will help everyone. "HELP SAVE THE WORLD." - Larry Wall.

NOTICE: I am trying to establish an effective method to indicate
which version of Solaris is required (i.e., 2.0 or 2.1). Presumably
some SW will only build/run on later versions of Solaris. At present
I have indicated that anything that "works" under 2.0 will work
under 2.1 and later versions [when released].

CAVEAT: The listing of a program/product below does NOT mean that I have
personally compiled or tested it. The information in this list is
supplied to me by users like yourself. I will attempt to keep this
list accurate and reasonably up to date, but I depend on YOU to help me
do this. If you see something that is incomplete or inaccurate, please
try to obtain correct information and then contact me.

Status Codes:

1 Current distribution builds under Solaris 2.0 and above.
2 Current distribution builds with patches. [See comments]
  [Most people who claimed that they we able to get XXX to build with
   only a "few" patches have generally been optimistic about others
   ability to do the same. However this is not necessarily the case.]
3 Current distribution doesn't build yet.
4 Partial build. [See comments]
5 Cygnus distribution includes this. See vendor/cygnus dir on
6 Binary available. Binaries have been posted to some sites known
  by archie and other databases. It is clearly more desirable to have
  the source build properly, especially for tools that depend on
  significant selection of options prior to a build.
7 Compiles under 4.x compatibility mode.
8 Current distribution builds under Solaris 2.0 and above using gcc.
10 Current distribution builds with Solaris 2.1 and later
11 Current distribution builds with Solaris 2.2 and later

Patch distributors:

P3 ftp from

Comment Codes:

Pn Patches available. See patch distributors.
 1 Use gcc (cygnus gcc from [cygnus-sol2-1.0.bin.tar.Z
             in ~ftp/vendor/cygnus], or [in ~ftp/pub/Cygnus])
 2 Solaris 2.1 required
 3 Patch from pierreg@CRT.UMontreal.CA (Pierre Girard 514-340-6047)

FTP, email, server sites. REPEAT: Use archie or xarchie to search for SW.

 F8 comp.sources.misc [on and others, presumably]
 F12 [in /pub/edwin]
 F14 [look in contrib]

Product Version Status Comment

akcl Austin Kyoto Common Lisp 3
amd (berkeley) 5.3alpha 2,8 P1, maybe P2. F2
archie 2 P1. Minor BSD/SVRV
bash 1.12.1 11 patches from
bind 4.9 10 F12
bison 10 Don't use -lPW
byacc 5
contool 3.3 1
cvs 1.3 1
diff pgms 2.2 1
dig 2.0 2 Minor BSD/SYSV
dvips 5.47 8 Define SYSV in
elm 2.4P21 10
emacs 18.59 10
emacs 19.x 10
epoch 4.2 1,8
fileutils 3.3 1 1
flex 10
ftpd 2.0 10 F11
ftptool 4.5 10
gawk 2.14.2 10
gcc 2.3.3,2.4.x 10 F6 [binaries]
gdb 4.9 10
ghostscript 2.5.2 1,8
ghostview 1.4 1,8
gopher (serv & clnt) 2.05 11
gprof 5
grep 1.6 10
gtar 1 Use Sun ANSI C w/
                                                        -Xc -lsocket
gzip 1.2.2 10
icon 8.10 10,6 F4
INN 10
jove 4.14.7 2 P1
kcl Kyoto Common Lisp 3
kermit 5A 10 F13
less 177 8 [replace -lPW with -lgen]
Lucid emacs 19.6 10
make 3.67 10
Metafont 2.7 8
MH 6.8 1
MicroEmacs 3.11a 8
Mtools 10
nfswatch 4.0 10 F7 [in pub/davy]
nn 1 Get s-sunos5.h file
                                                     from richard@West.Sun.COM
                                                        Don't use BSD compat.
patch 2.1 10
perl 4.0p35 1 Don't use optimizer
                                                          on util.c, tutil.c
ping (post BSD) 1
pidentd 2.1.1 10
rc 1.4 1
rcs 1
rn 10
scan 1
screen-3.2b 10
shellutils 1.7 1 1
slip 2.1 (host) 6 F9
SR (prog lang) 2.2 10 F4
tar 1.10 1 1
tcpdump usr /usr/sbin/snoop
tcp_wrappers 5.0 8
tcsh 1 F10: good cfg file
TeX/LaTeX 3.14 8
texinfo 3.0 10 (minor patch
                                                             to info/filesys.c)
textutils 1.4 1 1
top 10
traceroute 2.0 2 P1
transfig 2.1.7 10 P3
trn 2.4 10
undel 11 F1
webster (client) 2 P1
xntp (net time protocol)
X11R5 10
                                                            Also, site F3
                                   [Also, try R5.Xsun.multi-screen.tar.Z in
                                    F5 contrib dir. And see note 2 below.]
x3270 (IBM 3270 emulator) 1.2 1
zsh 2.3.1 11

Note 1:
I managed to get NNTP RN 4.4.3 to compile, after much work. This also means
I got the library parts of CNEWS and NNTP to compile. I don't really
have any patches (and they'd be hard to make), but will answer questions
for people trying to do it themselves. CNEWS and NNTP aren't too bad.
RN 4.4.3 is in bad shape, mostly because the "Configure" script suffers
from serious brain damage. [From Dave Curry <>] 1/14/93

Note 2:
The status of X11R5 has changed. [Message from John DiMarco]
Caspar Dik and myself have put together a comprehensive patch kit for
mit X11R5 pl 19 or greater, supporting both the default MIT code and the
Xsun multi-screen server enhancement by Kaleb Keithley. A GX .o file
in ELF format is also included. Patches for Xview3 and Olit are included.
The patch kit is available on and as R5.SunOS5.patch.tar.Z
Feel free to contact either myself ( or
Casper ( if you need more information.

There are now patches available on that make
X11R5 (pl 19-22) run on Solaris 2.1. These patches are a a combination
of patches previously avialble via ftp or usenet and new code.
The patches support MIT R5 pl 19-22 and the R5 multi-screen patch
with that MIT R5 pl 19-22.
The patch is called ``R5.SunOS5.patch.tar.Z'' and includes
support for xview 3.2. Olvwm will build with that release after
including -lm on the link command line.
The minimum requirements are gcc 2.3.3 (first version that properly
supports PIC on Solaris 2.x.
Tested on Solaris 2.1 with adapters cgthree/bwtwo/cgsix.
Includes sunGX.o.elf (ELF code that uses the GX adapter).
See the README for the contributors.



Various contributed X11 clients [R4.18 and/or R5.patch_level]

ImageMagick 2.3.1 1
olvwm3 10 [get patches]
pbmplus 10 use: -lc -lucb -lelf
xarchie 2.0.6 10
xdvi patch15 2 needs bzero and
                                                            bcopy .o files.
xfig 2.1.7 10 P3
xli 10
xlock Incl with 2.x OW
xpipeman X11R5 contrib 2,7
xpostit 3.1 2
xrn 6.17 2
xtetris X11R5 contrib 2 Minor stuff
xtroff X11R5 contrib 1
xv 3.00 2,7,8
xview 3.0.1
xvnews 2.1p4 1
xvtdl (an XView todo list manager) 10


SW from SUN that runs under Solaris 2.0 and/or 2.1.

[Note: It will be *impossible* to make this a complete list. I will try
 to include the most "popular" software. ]

IMPORTANT: It is getting to be difficult to keep track of the exact
version numbers of SUN products that are available under Solaris 2.0 and/or
2.1. I am making a reasonable attempt to present information I receive
from SUN and from readers of comp.unix.solaris. Sometimes I have listed
only the latest version number that is claimed to be available. PLEASE
contact SUN directly if your are uncertain as to what to order.

"Not yet" means that it is coming sooner or later this year and a beta release
may be available for early access developers.

Ada 2.0 Y
Answerbook 2.0 Y [Solaris 2.0]
Answerbook 2.1 Y [Solaris 2.1]
Apogee C, Fortran Y
cc 2.0.1 Y
CC (c++) 3.0.1 Y
Developers Guide 3.0.1 Y
fortran 2.0.1 Y
FDDI/S 2.0 Y SBUS FDDI card software
Pascal 2.0.1 Y
NewsPrint 2.5 Y
Online: Backup 2.0 Y
Online: DiskSuite Y
SHIELD Y [2.1] C2 security addendum
ShowMe 1.0 Y
SPARCworks tools 2.0.1 Y
SPARCworks Dev Env 2.0 Y
SPARCworks Dev Env 2.0.1 Y
SPC/S 2.0 (Ser para ctrl) Y [2.1] access 8 serial + 1 parallel port
Sunlink FDDI Not Yet
SunLink BSC 3270 Gateway 8.0 Y Peer-to-peer gateway also
Sunlink CG3270 Y
SunLink DNI 8.0 Y
Sunlink HSI/S 2.0 Y
Sunlink OSI 8.0 Y
SunLink SNA 3270/RJE 8.0 Y Client 3270 8.0 also
SunLink SNA Peer-to-Peer Y
 Runtime 8.0 Environment
Sunlink TRI/S 3.0 Y
SunLink TE320 8.0 Y
Sunlink X25 8.0 Y
SunNet Manager Y
SUN PC Not Yet
XGL 3.0 Y


The list of "Other Commercial" is definitely going to be incomplete. I will
try to include the more popular 3rd party software products. If a "?"
appears, it means I have no information as to whether this product runs
under Solaris 2.x. Feel free to contact the vendor and relay any information
back to me.

Other Commercial: Runs under Solaris 2.x (Y/N/?)

Accell/SQL (UNIFY) Y
Adobe Transcript 3.1 Need to build from source
Alsys Ada Y
ANDROMEDE 2.2 (Project mgmt environ) Y
Aspect ( multiplatform GUI dev.) Y
Aster*x Y 2.0 - 2.2
AUTOxxx (other Autodesk prods) Y
AVS5 (visualization software) Y 2.1 - 2.2
BRS-Search Y
CodeCenter 2.0.2 & ObjectCenter 4.0.2 Y (FCS 6/4/93)
Deskworks Y
FrameMaker 3.1.2 Y
FourGen accounting Y
Galaxy Application Enviornment In beta Solaris 2.1
GNP DEI Serial Expander Y 2.0, 2.1, 2.2
IDE (Software thru Pictures) Y
ie (X11 text editor) Y
Informix Y (SE and RDS and OnLine)
Ingres Y
Interleaf 5
Island WPD Y
Island Presents Y
IVP (SunVision) Y 2.1 - 2.2
IXI Panorama Y
Liken 1.3 Y
Looking Glass In beta Solaris 2.1
Looking Glass Advantage In beta Solaris 2.1
Lotus 123 OpenLook April 1993
lucid 19.6 (emacs) Y
Mainsail (XIDAC) Y
Maple V Rel 2 Y
Mathematica 2.2 Y
Matlab Y
Miranda (programming lang) N (Soon. 4/93)
Motif (1.2.1, 1.2.2. various vendors) Y
NCAR graphics (3.2)
NetMake 1.3 Y
Nexpert 3 N (Approx 1 month. 4/93)
Oracle Y
ParcPlace Smalltalk 4.1a due 1st qtr 93
Purify 2.1 Y
PV-WAVE N July, 1993
QMS/Imagen printer SW
Robochart 7.5 Y 2.1, 2.2
SENTINEL Debugging Environment Y
S-PLUS (statistics package) 3.1.1 Y
Stata (Statistical package) Y (Compatability mode?)
Sybase SQL Server (System 10) 3Q 93
Sybase Open Server (System 10) 3Q 93
Sybase Open Client (System 10) 3Q 93
Tivoli Management Environment Y
Transarc DCE (1.0.1) Developer's Kit N
Transarc DCE (1.0.2) Core Product 2Q 93
Transarc DCE (1.0.3) Full Product 4Q 93
TSP v4.2 (enonometrics pkg) Y
WAIS (Wide Area Information Servers) Y 2.1
WDSF (Workstation DataSave Facility) [Binary comp mode]
Word Perfect N
TMI Parallel Driver
XESS (Spreadsheet) Y 2.1
XVT GUI portability library Y
X.Desktop Y

Final notes:

Cygnus offers commercial support for much of the GNU software.
Their phone number is: 415 903 1400.
Cygnus info is available via email:
Their address is: 1937 Landings drive, Mountain View, CA 94043
[I am not a Cygnus employee.]

Tim Evans                     |    E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.  |    Experimental Station
(302) 695-9353/7395           |    P.O. Box 80357
EVANSTK AT A1 AT ESVAX        |    Wilmington, Delaware 19880-0357

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