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From: Ken Meehan (
Date: Wed Feb 23 1994 - 02:59:09 CST

Many thanks to those who responded to my questions
they were: (Donna L. Cornwell) (Sanjiv Khurana)
jason andrade <> (John Turner) (Amy Hollander) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

My original question was:

> Is it possible to obtain SNMP agent software for SunOS 4.1
> or Solaris 2.3 over the Internet?
> Our site has a mixture of UNIX systems many of which come
> with an SNMP daemon included with their TCP/IP (e.g. AIX).
> Our Sun systems do not inlude it.
> I understand that Sun sells a Sun Net Mgr (?) package. I do not
> know what it includes, it may be a lot more than what we need?
> I am trying to use archie to find this info but I am a new archie
> user. I am also interested as to why Sun does not include this
> software with their TCP/IP.

I got several pointers to SNMP agents that could be obtained over
the Internet. I have obtained one and have started with it.

I also got a good description of the functionality available with
Sun Net Manager.

The responses are not too long so I have included them here.
Also included is the sunflash announcement for the latest release
of SNM.

Thanks again,
Ken M.

>From Thu Feb 10 07:50:58 1994
From: (Donna L. Cornwell)
Subject: Re: SNMP agent question

>Is it possible to obtain SNMP agent software for SunOS 4.1
>or Solaris 2.3 over the Internet?

Yes, I had a pd package I downloaded a couple of years ago. I had
_The Simple Book_ by Marshall T. Rose ( Prentice Hall ) and I think
the software was the release mentioned in the book. They internet
site from the book refused my ftp connection today
so I don't know if it is still available there.

A quick search of xarchie turns up the following sites for a match
on snmp:

among numerous others.
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>From Thu Feb 10 11:56:07 1994
From: (Sanjiv Khurana)
Subject: Re: SNMP agent question


SunNet Manager includes a snmp demon for the workstation with it. It allows
you to look at the disks, the processes, priter status, network interface
status etc...

I am not sure if this is available seperately.. It currently runs on SunOS
4.x. SunNet Manager is available for Solaris 2 so I assume the snmp agent
has been ported as well....

There is a package called isode, and a cmu snmp package which are more generic
packages to allow you to write your own agents.. They are available via ftp
from the net...try or I am not sure how much coding
would be required to create an agent for the sun...

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>From Thu Feb 10 09:01:13 1994
Subject: Re: SNMP agent question

I'm just starting to look into SNMP more. I've found a few packages
on the net. I used archie, checking for snmp (prog snmp) and isode
(prog isode). I've grabbed packages from MIT, CMU and PSI. These
seem to be mostly rudimentary packages that just give you basic
functionality. But you do get source code! :-)

I believe the Sun-net manager package comes with the SNMP agent
and the management systems. Don't know how much they cost. There
are also many other commercial packages, such as from HP and
SNMP Research.

You may also want to check the comp.protocols.snmp and


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>From Fri Feb 11 19:54:01 1994 From: jason andrade <> Subject: Re: SNMP agent question

also try looking at CMU SNMP (1.0b) its on some CMU machine up for ftp.

its not graphical but it works..


>From Thu Feb 10 13:43:05 1994 From: (John Turner) Subject: Re: SNMP agent question

Sun Net Manager includes not only basic SNMP agents, but many more agents as well. They allow you to do a lot of server and network managment from the Sun Net Manager Console. There are also a lot of 3rd party packages that work with SNM. Over all, it is a very nice package in my experience.

I don't know of any free agents. John -------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Turner Zimmer Inc. Internet: Senior Analyst P.O. Box 708 Telephone: 219-372-4634 Cad/Cam Services Warsaw, IN 46581-0708 FAX: 219-372-4550 --------------------------------------------------------------------------

>From Mon Feb 14 10:50:14 1994 From: (Amy Hollander) Subject: Re: SNMP agent question

Sun told us to get the SNMP agent would be $2000.00 site license. I think you could find it and get it free from a developer of Sun software, if you just wanted to test it. PC-NFS comes with, but sun does not for some reason.

>From ups!! Fri Feb 11 17:41:57 1994 From: (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services) Subject: Re: SNMP agent question

SunNet Manager (tm:-) includes a whole lot more than just an snmp daemon. If you think of it as an enterprise management platform (roughly equivalent to HP's OpenView) then you will be closer to the mark.

The reason Sun doesn't ship an snmpd with the system is that they would rather that you bought SNM from them... Included below is the sunflash announcement for the latest release of SNM - it gives some details as to what the package provides. for more info contact your Sun rep.

I am not sure if there is a PD version of snmpd, but I would certainly be interested in hearing if there is. -- Glenn Satchell | "This is a unix system. Uniq Professional Services Pty Ltd ACN 056 279 335 | I can do this easy." PO Box 70, Paddington, NSW 2021, (Sydney) Australia | Phone 02 360 7434 Pager 016 287 000 Fax 02 331 2572 | - Lex, Jurassic Park "Sun Accredited System Consultants" |

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>From owner-sunflash@Aus.Sun.COM Thu Jan 13 20:20:15 1994 From: owner-sunflash@Aus.Sun.COM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Florida SunFlash

SunNet Manager 2.2

SunFLASH Vol 61 #11 January 1994 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 61.11 SunNet Manager 2.2 - Simplified installation and configuration - Automated options for data requests - Improved display functions and graphical displays - Simple Network Management Protocol v2 early adaptors' implementation - AnswerBook support (171 lines) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation (SMCC) introduces a new version of SunNet Manager. SunNet Manager(TM) v2.2 is a distributed management system which provides a comprehensive software environment for integrated network management. SunNet Manager is a powerful end user tool, as both a management platform and a development environment. Integrated tools provide fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security management services. An integrated, flexible development environment enables vendors, and users, to build custom tools to address unique requirement.

New in SunNet Manager 2.2 are the following:

- Simplified installation and configuration with SWM Tool and QuickStart Window

- Enhanced SunNet Manager discovery tool including Full Discover and Local Discover options

- Link management capability providing the ability to monitor the status of facilities connecting two devices

- Enhanced object editor and new icons

- Ability to better represent network topology by representing multiple connections from one device - Ability to predefine requests that can be saved and resued

- Support for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) version 2 early adaptors' implementation

- AnswerBook(R) support with the SunNet Manager 2.2 User's Guide, Reference Manual and Programmer's Guide on-line

PRODUCT TRANSITION SCHEDULE ---------------------------

SunNet Manager 2.2 will replace SunNet Manager 2.1. SMCC will immediately begin the transition off the price list for SunNet Manager 2.1:

Announcement Date December 13, 1993 Last Order Date February 21, 1994 Last Ship Date March 28, 1994

Effective immediately, anyone ordering SunNet Manager by using the default part numbers (SNM-P, SNM-PF and SNM-D) will receive SunNet Manager 2.2. Customers requiring delivery before January 10 should order SunNet Manager 2.1. Customers desiring SunNet Manager 2.2 and requiring immediate delivery of other products should note "partial shipments OK" on their orders.

HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE CONSIDERATIONS ------------------------------------

SunNet Manager 2.2 requires Solaris(R) 2.2 operating environment or above, OpenWindows(TM) 3.1 or greater, and a SPARC(R) system.

AVAILABILITY ------------

SunNet Manager 2.2 can be ordered immediately and will begin shipping on January 10, 1994.

The following documents are available from your Sun representative. (the SunWIN token number can be used by a Sun employee to obtain an electronic (usually PostScript) version of documents.)

Document Name SunWIN token# -------------------------------------------------------------

SunNet Manager 2.2 Product Brief 27136 SunNet Manager White Paper 23666 SunNet Manager Solutions Portfolio 11/93 24053 Simple Network Management Protocol Quick Tutorial 28645 Simple Network Management Protocol V2 Quick Tutorial 28648

Order Description Number -------------------------------------------------------------------------- SunNet Manager 2.2 SNM-P SunNet Manager 2.2 upgrade SNM-PF SunNet Manager 2.2 doc only** SNM-D

ScholarPAC ---------- SunNet Manager 2.2 UNSNM-P SunNet Manager 2.2 10-systems UNSNM-L10 SunNet Manager 2.2 100-systems UNSNM-L100

Note: UNSNM-L10 does not include docs/media; UNSNM-P should be ordered also.

*EU - End User; RS - Reseller **(minimum order quantity 10)/Non-Discountable

The following SNM 2.1 Products that will no longer be orderable after February 21, 1994:

Product Name Part # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SunNet Manager 2.1 SNM-2.1-P SunNet Manager 2.1 upgrade SNM-2.1-PF SunNet Manager 2.1 doc only** SNM-2.1-D

ScholarPAC ---------- SunNet Manager 2.1 UNSNM-2.1-P SunNet Manager 2.1 10-systems UNSNM-2.1-L10 SunNet Manager 2.1 100-systems UNSNM-2.1-L100

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