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From: Thomas Koetter (
Date: Tue Feb 15 1994 - 08:21:39 CST

Dear Admins,

a while ago I have already sent a summary but I didn't see it in the list.
For sure and as there are two further answers I send it again:

The sendmail problem is solved. The cause was that there was a single ':'
missing in the passwd file. One additional symptom which appeared later
was that also finger process didn't finish, but not for all users!

I have receiced six answers and the half of the respondends hit
exactly my problem. Another one mentioned that the same happens if an
error is within the aliases file. Finally one respondend gave the advice to
use the program 'pwck' that checks the passwd file.

Many thanks to:

Original Question:
I have for a few days problems with mailing. Before the mailing was up over
months without problems.

If the machine doesn't know the recipient a sendmail process is running
without stopping. Additional the syslogd changes into a running state, too.

The load average increases up to 50 if I don't kill the processes.

I checked the entries for passwd and aliases and made the belonging NIS-maps
new but the problem didn't disappear.

Config: SPARC 10, SunOS 4.1.3

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