SUMMARY: Running multiple displays off one sun.

From: jason andrade (
Date: Tue Feb 15 1994 - 06:40:27 CST


My original query was how i could run 2 displays off the one sun. ie
i had two physical cgsix cards and 2 monitors:

the answer was:

cd /dev
MAKEDEV cgsix1

openwin -dev /dev/cgsix0 -dev /dev/cgsix1

both screens then fire up ..

The other query i had was about the console device on a headless sun.

the answer was:

look at the EEPROM value for the console device and just change it there
in PROM mode (and man eeprom how to do so).

The two quickest replies to my mailbox were (thanks):

anthony baxter <> (Brett Lymn)

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