SUMMARY: Problems with HP C1533A DAT on SS10/41 with Solaris 2.2

From: Michael Heitkamp (
Date: Wed Feb 23 1994 - 06:56:03 CST

Hi managers,

This was my problem:
>>> We have a HPC 1533A 4mm DAT tape connected to a SPARC 10/41 running
>>> Solaris 2.2.
>>> On the SCSI port there are usually one internal disk, two external disks,
>>> external CDROM and external exabyte (active terminated). For this test I
>>> replaced the CDROM and the exabyte with the DAT tape drive
>>> The drive can be detected by the probe-scsi command.
>>> If i try to do a
>>> mt -f /dev/rmt/0c status
>>> the system hangs until i type '^Z' and '^C' sometimes and push the
>>> eject button on the tape drive.
>>> Then the drive starts working and the machine continues to work.
>>> Even the reconfiguration boot seems to take much more time than without
>>> this tape drive.
>>> Sounds somewhat mysterious, didn't it ?
>>> Do I have to make some special entries in /kernel/drv/st.conf ?
>>> The drive works without any problems on a machine with SunOS 4.1.x .

The solution to the problem is a patch to the st-driver in /kernel/drv/st .
It hacks /kernel/drv/st to kid the kernel into recognising the HP as a
Sun (Archive Phython) DAT.

Now the tape runs fine with expected transfer rate (about 1MB/sec).
But the time for reconfiguration is about twice the time as with an
Exabyte 8200. I don't know why but I seldom use to reconfigure the
machine so thats not really a problem.

Thanks to:
      David McDougall <>
      "Marc K. Newman" <unido!!mknewman>

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