SUMMARY: PCNFS Problems with Dos software

From: Kandi Kirk (
Date: Sat Feb 19 1994 - 01:30:29 CST

My problem is solved thanks to many of the suggestions from this group. THe
problem ended up being some kind of incompatibility with the DOS software
TRACKER and DOS 3.3 although the TRACKER documentation indicates that DOS 3.3
is a supported version. I upgraded to DOS 5.0 and the software worked fine.

THe suggestions that were made by this group include upgrading to DOS 5.0 and
upgrading to PCNFS 5.0. The other thing that was mentioned was to increase
the number of open files in PCNFS as follows:


This did not help the situation at all but upgrading DOS did.

Thanks so much for your help. My original post follows:


WE are running PCNFS V3.5. We received this software called Tracker from
a company called O'Neill that we are trying to get working on a PC running
DOS 3.0. When trying to run the application and browse an entry in the
database we receive a DOS ERROR 4 message which indicate too many file handles
or too many files open. The vendor indicated we should increase the FILES=
parameter in our CONFIG.SYS file to 200 which I did with no change in the
results. The vendor is unable to give us any other ideas of how to get this
software working. They blame the problems on PCNFS. The TRACKER software
as well as the database itself reside on a Sun and are NFS mounted on the PC.

Has anyone out there tried this software with PCNFS? DOes anyone know if
PCNFS traps the file handles somewhere else? Any ideas to help me solve this

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