SUMMARY: Openwindows will not start (unresolved)

From: Michael Myers (
Date: Mon Feb 14 1994 - 21:12:08 CST

Sorry this has taken awhile, but I only got one response on my question
which was a sort of 'me-too'. Robert M. Bownes III stated that he'd had
the same problem under both 4.1.3 and 2.3 with no resolution.

If anyone has even some ideas to try, I'd be willing. Right now my
work-around is to run open windows as root and su each window to my user

 - Mike Myers, Willamette University

My original and as yet unresolved question:

I've just had a strange problem start happening on my IPX.

I was in openwindows (2.0) and I wanted to start up another shelltool, so
I selected one from the default menus. However, when it started, it just
opened a window, put a cursor in it and nothing more (it will accept
characters from the keyboard, but they don't appear to be making it to
the shell).

I checked in another window and the shell is listed in the process table
(under my UID).

At the same time, an error message pops up in the console:

ttysw-TIOCSPGRP: Interrupted system call

This would appear to be a permissions problem (because it's trying to do
something (set?) the process group leader and it will function fine as
root) but the only perms I've changed recently were to remove 'other'
execution from /bin/tip.

If anyone has ideas, I'd love to hear them.

System summary: Sparc IPX 4.1.2, OW2.0, most, if not all mandatory
patches applied

As always, I'll summarize.

 - Mike Myers, Willamette University

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