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Date: Tue Feb 15 1994 - 21:24:16 CST

Original Question:

> I'm looking for a vt220 (or higher) Emulation for Sun-OS 4.x - Openwindows 3.0
> (and - for future - also for SunOS 5.x - Solaris-2)
> Have you expirience with such a tool?
> Any problems?
> Where can I get this?

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You can try xterm -tn vt220. You must have this terminal type defined in

This not a perfect emulation, i.e the KEYPAD keys don't work straight
away. But if you use xmodmap to remap the keys then you might get a
little better emulation.

There seems to be problems with reverse video coming on when you don't
want it.


Commercial !!
At 3 large corporations that I've been associated with (notibly Chrysler,
Kmart, and Henry Ford Health System), we are using Pathway Access For
DOS/Windows (2.1.1 / 3.0) --- The Wollongong Group (TWG) makes this
product. You are welcome to call my sales account manager, Greg Hrasok
(415-962-7192) for more information and pricing. The product includes FTP
support, Telnet support (VT100, VT220, and many others), TN3270 client
support and can work nicely with X products (Hummingbird X and JSB
Multiview/X). For additional cost, they also boast an excellent NFS for
PC software performer!

Good Luck! (call / email me if you have any more questions


Largest Information ...
(From Tom Schmidt)

One freeware vt220 emulator that I have used under Openwindows is called
crttool. I have included the source code below. It works pretty good, with
support for Type 4 and 5 keyboards, including the keypad functions. The source
compiles under both SunOS 4.1.X and Solaris 2.

I have also used two commercial VT emulators, Isoterm and te320. Isoterm is
made by the The Bristol Group, Ltd. and provides VT340 emulation, which is
great for running graphical apps on a VAX like RS/1. Te320 is by Sunlink, and
is just the enhanced version of te100tool, but runs under xview instead of
sunview and provides vt320 emulation. I prefer Isoterm between these two
because (1) it is cheaper, and (2) it is better than te320. Both use floating
licenses. The Isoterm license is more flexible because it lets you open
multiple vt340 windows using only one license on the same workstation, whereas
Sun's te320 requires a license per window. Isoterm and te320 have versions for
both SunOS 4.1.X and Solaris 2. Isoterm is available on the Catalyst CDware
volume 5 CD-ROM and a free evaluation license is also available by calling


My Expirence:
- crttool - I got the Version 2.0, compilation unter 4.1.3 OK,
            ... but I can't start it, I have problems to setup the FONTPATH
            correct ... Maybe in a few months I will have time to look for
            this problem ...
- Isoterm from Bristal - we have now 4 Licenses, it works fine, but the manual
            is a little bit confusing ... (many Versions explained ... but not
            the version we had installed from tape & the README-Files are
            also for an other version ... so --> Try and Error

So, for the moment we will use Isoterm.

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