SUMMARY: Keyboard locks up after logout

From: Olav Lerbrekk (
Date: Wed Feb 23 1994 - 06:51:45 CST


A couple of weeks ago I asked:

On Feb 11, 10:52, Olav Lerbrekk (olav.lerbrekk) wrote:
: Subject: Keyboard locks up after logout
: Hi Sun Managers,
: I have a problem with our Suns. We're primarily running a stock
: MIT X11R5. When the user logs out from the console, the keyboard
: locks up, and the only way I have found to recover is to log in
: remotly and reboot the machine. Not even a STOP-A works. The rest
: of the system works as usual.
: This happen on IPS's, SS1's, SS2's and a SS10 clone, running
: SunOS 4.1.1, 4.1.2 and 4.1.3.
: I have tried killing the getty process to no avail. Sun Customer
: Service have not been able to help so far, they are still looking
: into it.
: Any helps appreciated!
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Regrettably, I haven't been able to solve the problem. I received
around 20 replies, almost all suggesting that I should use kbd_mode -a.
That was Sun's suggestion as well. I should have stated that I had
already tried that. I also forgot to mention that the X mouse pointer
stays on the screen after the longin prompt are presented.

The local Axil distributor told me he had seen the problem before, and
that he thought it was a bug in the MIT X server, or in Sun's

I have removed screenblank to see if that's the cause, and I will
compile a more recent version of X and see if that will help.

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