SUMMARY: Key Map mod on new Type 5 Caps lock <-> Co

From: Frank 'Scruffy' Miller (
Date: Thu Feb 24 1994 - 11:04:10 CST

| I've just received a ton of new 10/51's that I've ordered ... but the
| new type 5 kbd has the fargin control/caps-lock mixed! I've done
| a xmodmap ... but now I have a toggl'd control!
| Aiee!!!
| Any other suggestions for the sleep depraived?
| Frank - if I wanted a PC, I would have *ordered* a PC ;}

My error was not getting the proper 'Country Kit' ... I received
the X3500F (Type 5, PC Style) and *not* the X3540F (Type 5, PC Style modified
for UNIX ... with UNIX type Control and Caps Lock). The last set of
Sparcs I ordered was back in the Type 4 kbd days ... I wasn't aware
of 2 different North American Country Kits.

Thanks to John Helm at Sun, Guy Harris at Auspex and Phillip Fayers at Univ. of
Wales for the *speedy* response!

Now we'll see if Sun lets me trade ...

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