SUMMARY: Is this syslog msg. a problem: Cannot open frozen config file...

From: Kevin Weinrich (
Date: Wed Feb 23 1994 - 17:14:13 CST

It turns out I'm running a version of sendmail that
REQUIRES a frozen config file (at least, it complains
about not having it before going off and Doing The
Right Thing - reading The possibility
of this being a requirement was pointed out by Jerzy Sobczyk.

Other folks noted that normally the frozen config file
should be in /etc. But, lo and behold, when I run
  sendmail -bz
it creates it in /usr/lib, where it was complaining about
not finding it in the first place. I find no complaints
in the syslog files now, Yippee!

Thanks, all, for responding quickly.


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