SUMMARY: How to mount /var/mail?

From: Leif Neve (
Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 - 14:48:35 CST

The replies I got to this query were pretty unsatisfactory, actually.
But thanks to all who gave it a go. :)

In response to the question, "Can one automount /var/mail?", most
folks just said that the kosher way to do it is in the vfstab. (One person
was against any NFS-mounting of /var/mail at all, since file locking
was felt to be so unrealiable under NFS.)

But in response to my complaint that when I NFS-mounted /var/mail
from my vfstab it hung the system at boot time if the mailhost was down,
most folks said try the "bg" mount option. Well, I had tried the "bg" option
previously and it did not help. (Would it matter if I tried "bg" without also
using "intr"?)

Leif Neve

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