SUMMARY: fscking not fixing

From: Susan Thielen (
Date: Fri Feb 11 1994 - 10:30:53 CST

Well, that problem has been solved. I did a clri of the
offending inode in question, did a fsck of the partition
and all was fixed. No muss, no fuss, no format no newfs..

A very happy ending!!

Thanks to
"Paul E. Begley" <>
Adrian Lee <>
Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <>
Dave Mitchell <>
Ian Ashton - Administrator <>
Ian MacPhedran <>
Mike Cross <>
Mike Raffety <>
Tom Reingold <> (Andy Ingle) (Koper Zangocyan) (Cathy) (Henry Katz) (Andy Kumeda) (Dances on keyboards) (Michael Sullivan)

Original post
>I'm having a bit of trouble with a Seagate ST43400N disk.
>There was a problem last week with directory on the disk,
>that when rebooting, a manual fsck had to be done.. It
>didn't really matter about the data on the disk that was
>troubled, so I tried to just discard and not salvage.. But
>in anycase, all of the contents of the directory were put
>into lost+found eventually, and all seemed ok except for the
>following behaviour. If I cd to the directory that is being
>complained about I get
>> cd screen
>> ls -l
>> . not found
>And if I try to cd to it on the machine the disks is on, it
>freezes up.. And I need to reboot..
>On reboot I get the following messages
>/dev/rsd1g: DIRECTORY CORRUPTED I=612867 owner=craigj MODE=40775
>/dev/rsd1g: SIZE=10244 MTIME = Feb 3 15:59 1994
>/dev/rsd1g: DIR=/scratch/craigj/screen
>ANd the usual message about fscking.. And I do a fsck each time.. but
>it doesn't fix the problem.. Even if I try to reconnect and
>Other than newfsing the partition, and restoring it, what else can
>I do to fix the offending inode??
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