SUMMARY: Filemgr Problems

From: Sanjiv Khurana (
Date: Fri Feb 18 1994 - 11:02:40 CST

First of all, I apologise for not including the OS and Openwindows versions
in my original message.

The solution was to install the filemgr patch (Patch-ID# 100462). I have
included the README file from 100462-25 which also requires the XView 3.0
patch, 100452, and the Classing Engine 3.0 patch, 100524-06.

Two methods for recovering the files (other than backup) were mentioned:

- check the lost+found directory
- use fsck to see if the files return

Other suggestions were to avoid Filemgr at all... ;-)

I tried the lost+found directory without success.

Thanks to all those who replied:

Thanks again to everyone.

Sanjiv Khurana

README file for patch:

Patch-ID# 100462-25
Keywords: File Manager
Synopsis: OpenWindows 3.0: File Manager CTE Jumbo Patch
Date: Jun/14/93

SunOS release: 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.1.3

Unbundled Product: OpenWindows

Unbundled Release: 3.0

Topic: OW 3.0 File Manager CTE Jumbo Patch Release

BugId's fixed with this patch: 1069592 1070935 1073659 1079554 1075050 1067411 1085050 1086418 1082021 1081836 1108738 1111569 1112446 1108738 1116040 1093144 1129676 1133046 1103246 1130463 1130391

Changes incorporated in this version: 1133046 1103246

Architectures for which this patch is available: sun4(all)

Patches which may conflict with this patch: None

Obsoleted by:

Files included with this patch preceded by ucb 4.1.1 /bin/sum :

        32088 288 sun4/filemgr

Problem Description:

This patch needs be installed in conjunction with the XView 3.0 patch, 100452.
This patch needs to be installed in conjunction with the Classing Engine
3.0 patch, 100524-06

This jumbo patch fixes the following bugids :
1067411 Filenames in list mode appear as '>'
1085050 Directories can be renamed to selected files in filemgr without
1069592 filemgr - will not display contents of selected folder
1070935 filemgr Custom Commands do not work unless file is selected
1073659 moving a file to a read-only folder will delete original file
1079554 File Manager does not prompt for shelltool when executing script
1075050 Wastebasket icon incorrectly positioned when filemgr started
1081836 filemanager always opens files, even if in identify "by name" mode
1086418 provide a way to run filemgr without using the classing engine
1086418 filemgr now works with EPOCH jukeboxes (requires classing engine patch)
1082021 core dumps and exit when fetching props after selecting all
1111569 filemanager dumps core when drag & drop in the same folder
1112446 Filemgr problm with cut/paste to GOTO field problems
1108738 Filemgr freezes OWv3 when executing script in its own shell
1116040 Cut and paste file to different directory renames file ..<filename>
1093144 /tmp_mnt names cached by filemgr
1075050 Wastebasket icon incorrectly positioned when filemgr started
1129676 filemgr (patch rev. 20) dumps core (SIGSEGV) on startup
1133046 filemgr - Custom Print will core dump the tool
1103246 Filemgr does not refresh image after launching custom command window
1130463 filemgr rev. 20 does not work if env variables are used on the "Goto:" line
1130391 filemanager patch 100462-20 creates bug with ~

Installation Instructions:
        1) cd to $OPENWINHOME/bin/xview
        2) su to root
        3) get patch id from the currently installed filemgr by typing
                strings filemgr | grep 'Patch Id'
        4) if patch_id exists type
                mv filemgr filemgr.patch_id_123456_89
                where patch_id_123456_89 is recorded from step #3
                mv filemgr filemgr.30fcs
        5) cp patched filemgr to filemgr
        6) chmod 755 filemgr
        7) restart all file managers that are running

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