SUMMARY: Exabyte 850x dump parameters

From: Brian Terry (
Date: Wed Feb 16 1994 - 09:40:06 CST

There turned out to be many variations on a theme with this one, but what
seemed to come up the most frequently was:

dump 0bdfs 126 54000 /dev/nrst8 13000 filesystem_name

where the key element is the device name:

(chart courtesy of Marisa Pfalz)

Tape Low-Density High-Density
st0 /dev/rst0 /dev/rst8
st1 /dev/rst1 /dev/rst9
st2 /dev/rst2 /dev/rst10
st3 /dev/rst3 /dev/rst11
st4 /dev/rst4 /dev/rst12
st5 /dev/rst5 /dev/rst13
st6 /dev/rst6 /dev/rst14
st7 /dev/rst7 /dev/rst15

Thanks to all who answered! Original post follows.

Pauline van Winsen
Colin Panisset
Paul Walters
Jean Edgar
Marisa Pfalz
Larry Miller
Mike Frizzell
Timothy Henrion
Pat Cain
Jerry Symanski
Brian Decker
Cecil Pang
Paul Dodd
Gelnn Satchell
David Edward
Richard Mitchell
Adam Fox
Aline Runde


> Sun Managers:
> Hopefully an easy one for a Monday morning:
> What are the proper arguments to use with dump on an Exabyte 850x to get
5Gb on
> a tape? I have been unable to locate this in FAQ. I am no longer able to
> complete my backups as the totals are now approx 4Gb.
> Brian Terry

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