SUMMARY: DNS without NIS on Solaris

Date: Tue Feb 15 1994 - 23:48:11 CST

------------- Original Question -------------------------------
Hello Sun-managers
    I am setting up a machine for Solaris 2.3 without NIS nor NIS+.

    I do have another machine setup as a DNS server running SunOS4.1.3.

    Is it possible to setup this Solaris machine without NIS but still use DNS
    to resolve unknown hostnames (ie a DNS client)? I will only use it
    to resolve outside hostnames and not internal hostnames.

    I would prefer to not touch the shared libraries as mentioned in the
    FAQ summary item 7.

    Thanks, and yes I will summarize.

------------- Solution --------------------------------------------------

Thanks to the 7 dozen people who replied with the same answer.

1- cp /etc/nsswitch.files /etc/nsswitch.conf
2- in /etc/nsswitch.conf replace
      this line: hosts: files
      with: hosts: files dns
3- create a /etc/resolv.conf file (same format as SunOS 4.X.X)

Perhaps the FAQ can have this little section added to it since the SunOS
solution is already there.

Thanks again for the speedy reply.
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