SUMMARY: .kshrc not executing

From: 538280000-Ledva (
Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 - 22:40:56 CST

Hi all,

My original post is at the end but basically since I upgraded from
Solaris 2.1 -> 2.3 my .kshrc gets executed at login but it does not
get executed when any of my xterms start up.
I got 2 responses: suggests setting a variable in my .profile
                export ENV=$HOME/.kshrc (this was in there already but
                                          thanks Dave) suggested using the "-ls" option to xterm. I changed
my .openwin-init file to include the -ls option to xterm and that worked.
This option to xterm tells the shell that is started in the xterm window
be a login shell. Thios is a good workaround. Thanks Leon!

|> Hey,
|> I had an SS1 runnig Solaris 2.1 and everything worked fine.
|> I upgraded my SS1 to Solaris 2.3 and now when I log in my .kshrc
|> is executed. When I go into Openwin the .kshrc does not get
|> executed in any of the xterms that pop up. I have not changed
|> my .profile.
|> Thanks in advance.
|> Joe Ledva
|> columba!

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