SUMMARY: installing Solaris 2.3

From: Brad Walker (
Date: Mon Feb 21 1994 - 23:46:18 CST

I've sorta fixed my problem with installing Solaris 2.3 from a local
non-Sun cd-rom. The problem seems to be in the SCSI target driver. It's
still a little "loose" in how it deals with non-standard Sun cd-roms.
I was able to boot from this cdrom and install 4.1.3 with no problem. But
in Solaris 2.3 the system boots up but gives a panic: can't mount root
message after probing out the cdrom.

1) the drive was set to 512 byte sectors - this was done via a DIP switch
2) the system did boot the kernel part ways from the drive
3) cables and switches were set properly

So it appears as though the target driver still needs a little tightening

Thanks to the following people:

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