Re: SUMMARY ufsdump from non-root login

From: Ian Donaldson (
Date: Fri Feb 18 1994 - 22:15:06 CST (Mike Daniels) writes:

>Silly me, all I had to do was type:

> ls -l /devices/io-unit@f,e0200000/sbi@0,0/dma@3,81000/esp@3,80000

> :-( YUCK!

>to see that the "sys" group (GID 3) now is the group owner for the raw disk devices.
>So the solution is to set the operator account to a GID of 3.

>Thanks to all who responded...

Well the correct way to change this as far as I can tell is to change
the entry for "sd" in /etc/minor.perm

A line like this:

         sd:* 0640 root operator

That way it sticks after the next "boot -r" is done.
(when you add or delete a disk etc)

Ian D

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