Summary of Weitek Powerup Question

From: Harold W. Asmis (
Date: Wed Feb 16 1994 - 13:42:28 CST

Although my worst fears came true, and someone had actually posted
on this before :-), I got many helpful replies, and give my heartfelt
thanks. I had asked about the "worth" of this upgrade. I am now
confident that the chip adds sufficient value to be worth the
price (I have suppliers, thank you <to the outfits scanning this group>).
(can't followup on the old thread, so I had to make a new one, sorry)

>The budget gods willing, I really *want* the Weitek Power-up
>chip for a couple of Sparc-2's. But before I act, I was
>wondering if anyone has got it, and whether it was worth
>it to them. I have heard speed-ups of 20-100%, and I suspect
>that for some it's worth it, and for some, not, etc. If I get
>enough responses, I may issue a sufficiently vague and
>anonymous (for participants) summary. I want to do this before
>all the new Sun's come out (and freeze me with indecision).
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