SUMMARY : pausing motd

From: Paul Nader (
Date: Thu Feb 17 1994 - 06:05:18 CST

The original question was :

I have a message of the day file which has more than 25 lines and
would like display a sceenfull at a time (as with more). At the moment
it scrolls without stopping. Does anyone know what to do to get it to display
one screenfull at a time for a machine running 4.1.3 ?

>From the responses gathered there seems no way in which to do this
by modifying a single file.

Most answers suggested altering the shell startup files on an
individual user basis (.login, .profile, .cshrc etc). Alternatively,
the msgs package seems to get around the problem altogether.

Thanks to :

Adam Shostack <> (Dave Haut)

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